Get to experience the Norwegian coast with Hurtigruten!

Get to experience the Norwegian coast with Hurtigruten!

One of the perks of working in Hurtigruten is the possibility of experiencing our amazing product and going on a FAM trip. FAM trips are a training unit for our employees to go on one of our coastal ships and witness the beauty of the Norwegian coast and coastal life.

12 employees from our Tallinn and Tromsø offices and I got to embark on a journey on MS Nordkapp end of March 2022. We flew to Trondheim where we were greeted by the Norwegian weather. We got to know Trondheim while wandering through the city and topped off with a tour of the beautiful Nidaros Cathedral. After getting on the ship, we explored our cabins, got to meet the crew, and earned our „sea legs“ during a stormy night. In the following days we went on several excursions, walking along the arctic coast in Bodø, taking a bus trip to meet the Vikings on Lofoten Islands, going on a husky sledding adventure in Tromsø and experiencing the northernmost point on European mainland – The North Cape. We also were fortuitous to see the Northern lights! Our colleagues on board showed us around the ship, gave us some valuable insights, and took some time out of their busy days to sit down and answer all our questions.

In May, I was fortunate enough to lead another group on this amazing experience. This time it was a group of 14 employees from various departments, mainly Sales Consultants but also from supporting teams. We sailed from Kirkenes in the north down to Trondheim in the south on the magnificent MS Trollfjord. We also visited the North Cape and got to experience the beautiful snowy landscape of Norway’s northernmost regions. Other excursions we did were a bus tour across the Vesteralen Islands, supporting local business with a tour of the Lofotpils brewery, visiting a salmon farm and hiking up the glorious Torghatten mountain. Luckily for us, almost everywhere we went, the weather cleared up, and the sun came out. We also were incredibly blessed with the wildlife, seeing sea eagles up close on our Sea Eagle Safari, and having a pod of whales swimming next to the ship during breakfast. We were again blown away by the exceptional crew on board and had very insightful exchanges with our colleagues, getting to look behind the scenes, for example in the engine room, crew deck and looking over the captain’s shoulder on the bridge.

Some Highlights for our participants: Seeing Norway and the Northern lights, breathtaking views every day, dog sledding in Tromsø, Sea eagle safari and going into the Trollfjord, the food on board, crossing the arctic circle, visiting the north cape, getting to know our colleagues and bonding as a group.

Now being back on land, our heads are still filled with all the unforgettable memories and amazing experiences we had on board. We can already tell how much more confident our consultants are in talking about the product and advising our guests. It makes you proud to work with such an incredible product!

WE explored, WE feel inspired, WE are empowered and WE felt cared for!

Tresa – Maria Schlesier

Learning and Developing Mentor