Anna-Liisa Koort: “We’re like a family”

Hi! My name is Anna-Liisa and I’m working at Hurtigruten Estonia as a Reporting Analyst. When I first started my career path in Hurtigruten, I knew I had a passion for finding solutions and optimizing processes. This made me believe that Work Force Management position suggested by a friend would be perfect for me. As my journey here began and as I grew as a person, I noticed my love for analytics. That love was confirmed when I started studying Information Science at university. Soon my interest was noticed in Hurtigruten, and I was offered my current position in the company.

One of the main reasons why I love this job is that through my work I’m able to help and interact with so many teams. I help my colleagues get their job done, deliver the best possible results and make our clients happy. This way I can impact the entire company.

Reporting Analysts’ role here is exciting. I rarely have two similar working days. Every day there are new challenges, which allows me to continuously develop my problem solving and critical thinking skills. Our company and my team are organized and effective, but we do have a lot of fun also, especially when we get together outside of the office to socialize. We’re like a family.

As an employer, Hurtigruten Estonia values teamwork and flexibility. Although we have a really nice and relaxed office environment, we can work from home as well. This great work-life balance allows me to do boxing, running, gym, cultural programs and self-education in addition to work, which is important to me.

In terms of a long professional career, I strongly believe that Hurtigruten Estonia has a lot to offer you.