Joulian Valizadeh: “You also have the possibility to travel and discover the product itself”

Hi! My name is Joulian and I work at Hurtigruten Estonia as a Sales Delivery Manager. I joined Hurtigruten in 2017. Since then I have passed all the main steps from being a Travel Consultant, then a Team Leader and now being the responsible manager of the German market in Tallinn. Hurtigruten has been one of the best choices in my life so far.

What I love the most about my work is the environment and the team that I am surrounded with. Having people with a positive vibe nearby is truly motivating.

Another big and important factor for me is the product itself, which is fascinating. Promoting a company, which is sailing in the most remote areas in the world and at the same time being as ecological and green as possible is, in my opinion, one of the best jobs that you can have.

After being in this company for more than 4 years, I have learned that at Hurtigruten Estonia things can change daily. There is no routine and the work doesn’t get boring. Every day brings new challenges and teaches you to be more flexible and more creative.

The most important benefit at Hurtigruten is that this company gives you the possibility to develop yourself, your skills and to grow inside of the company. It’s one of the core values of Hurtigruten.

Additionally, besides promoting and selling a great product you also have the possibility to travel and discover the product itself. It’s truly amazing and gives employees the feeling of being an explorer themselves and being part of something bigger.

We have a strong bond within our team, and we support each other in every situation. Whenever a newbie is coming into the team, we all do our best to make him/her cosy and feel comfortable. Outside of work, we regularly try to organize team events, for example, game nights or bowling. I believe that you will love working with us at Hurtigruten Estonia.