Jose Villa: “I really enjoy the sense of humour our team has”

Hi! My name is Jose. I’m working as a US Travel Consultant. My amazing journey to Hurtigruten Estonia started because of Covid-19. I was living in Colombia and the lockdown there was just too hard to take, so I came to Estonia, initially for 3 months, but I’m still here and loving it. The vibe at the Hurtigruten team is simply perfect for me. The warmth of these people and the quality of our working relationships makes it very easy to stay and I really enjoy the sense of humour our team has. Laughter and work go hand in hand here.

I am impressed by the freedom and trust that are shared throughout the company between employees. The feeling that you can grow and develop is something special and not easy to find nowadays. At the same time, you can be truly who you are and do your work without losing your personality in the process. The only thing you really need from the beginning is common sense and the ability to analyse. These kinds of traits are very important here.

I personally feel that I gain new knowledge about the world, geography, cultures, trends and people here every day. I’ve also developed my communication skills and that’s a big plus for me. The learning process never stops here. And what’s also really motivating is the idea of making people’s dreams come true. Listening to their excitement over the phone is just priceless and makes me feel good every day. ❤